Board Commander, Inc. is a company that creates software and provides consulting to online bloggers, and business owners who want to build their own online site or blog.

The software we create is geared toward helping bloggers and business owners grow their blog or web site's visitors, brand awareness, and get their brand in front of the right customers.

Digital marketing encompasses a lot of different areas, and we are striving to ensure we can help those who are looking to grow their blogs and businesses get the best possible results.

We are a small team right now and are excited for future growth.

The founder, Stefan Ciancio, is originally from Westchester, New York and now resides in Philadelphia, PA.

Board Commander, Inc. was incorporated in Pennsylvania. In addition to selling SAAS (software as a service products), also offers consulting in the areas of traffic generation, email list growth and email marketing, and other similar areas of digital marketing centered around helping businesses and blogs grow their brand awareness, traffic and sales.

We're excited to help as many businesses as we can and look forward to a bright future!